Thursday, February 9, 2012

Episode XLI: The Podfather

It's a full house in The Deucecast Studios, as not only are d$ and Mikey steering the pirate ship, the swingin' Doc Earl joins us in-studio, while Drewski takes over the tech duties from an AWOL Producer Tommy.

Like many shows before, we kick it off by expanding our palate horizons in trying a new beverage.  Its called Jumex, though its pronounced Hu-Mex... that will be funny when you listen to the show itself.

Among the many topics spoken of tonight... crying babies... Super Bowl commercials... the Phantom Menace in 3D... the miscasting of The Fantastic Four movies... The Voice vs. American Idol... the 90s success (and 2000s plunge) of Anne Rice and her vampires... the similarities in crappy Burt Reynolds films... Ahnold and Sly's new duet... Mikey's fading crush on Nic Cage...

Mikey features an actual, good Music Minute this week!  Plus, a Buried Treasure brings forth the character of Philo Beddoe and a monkey named Clyde... an epic Movie Game nearly shuts out one of us completely in a shocker... and in Dying with Dr. Earl, we find out the difference in Midichlorians, Milochondrians and what the heck is Mesothelioma?  Find out.

d$ continues his countdown of The 25 Saddest Songs Ever, including tunes from Bonnie Raitt (which is then ruined by Mikey's Jon Bon Iver crap), Gloria Estefan, Brian McKnight, the Rev'rn Al Green and an Alanis vs. The Police quick debate.

Finally, our Big Three takes on President's Day, with our favorite fictional presidents and their portrayals... President Whitmore!  President Shepherd!  President Dale!  President Mitchell!  And even some real presidents like Nixon and Adams make an appearance.

Mikey and d$ also recap the nearly 15 movies seen over the last week, including "The Descendants"... "Midnight in Paris"... "Winnebago Man"... "Drive"... and, of course, "Boogie Nights".

Don't forget next week as we get a very, very special guest in studio, helping us discuss The Big Three Favorite Chick Flicks Ever... d$ takes the Music Minute, giving you the Five Saddest Songs Ever, to celebrate Valentine's Day... plus our takes on The Phantom Menace in 3D... all on The Deucecast Episode XLII:  Podcastablanca!!

Mike's Music Minute:
Twin Sister

Dave's Buried Treasure:
Any Which Way You Can [Blu-ray]

Dave's Saddest Songs Ever:
Gloria Estefan Greatest Hits, featuring "Here We Are", the 7th Saddest Song of All Time

The Big 3: The One Where We Celebrate the Upcoming President's Day and Discuss Our Favorite Presidents in Movies & TV:
Drew's Choice - Air Force One [Blu-ray]
Dave's Choice - The American President
Mike's Choice - 24: Season One
Dr. Earl's Choice - John Adams [Blu-ray]
Overall Cast Favorite - Dave

Roundtable Randomness:
Mike & Dave's ReFlicktions:
I Am Comic
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead [Blu-ray]
The Double [Blu-ray]
The Mechanic [Blu-ray]

Crap O' The Week:
Gator, starring the Immortal Burt Reynolds

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