Friday, February 17, 2012

Episode XLII: Podcastablanca

For the first time in The Deucecast Studios... we got ourselves a chick on the air.  Like, a real life girl.  Like, she's a she.  A chick co-hosting?  Dig it!

Mikey's younger sista' Stephanie is making the rounds in our town, and she graced us with her presence for the 42nd episode of The Deucecast: Podcastablanca.  Mikey and d$ lead the show, with Steph in tow, and Producer Drew on the sound effects and production board.

We kick it right off with our weekly beverage tasting, sampling a bit of the Jarritos soda straight from The Pesos Store (its a sponsor of our sister show in Cancun, "The DosCast").  And its definitely an interesting taste, to say the least.  Don't forget to join Club Jarritos!

The show dives into wonderful topics like Mikey's sick kid... d$'s two-month old travails... Drew's random week... and Steph gives us the lowdown of life in her new home of Missouri (plus the scary travels in the backwoods of Arkansas).  We also touch on such fun things like "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace" in 3D... JarJar Binks... the possibility of both a "Ghostbusters 3" and a "Beetlejuice 2" (bad on both counts)... more Michael Bay nonsense... movie reviews like Mikey's thoughts on "Before the Devil Knows Your Dead" and d$'s thoughts on the Anna Faris classic "What's Your Number?"...

The Finale of The Saddest Songs of All Time is here!  A quick (?) recap of numbers 25 through 6, then the Top Five most heartbreaking, most soul crushing, most painful songs ever, with classic country, some Broadway and a Prince-written theme.

Does this pain ever stop?!?!?

Mikey busts out a Peanutty buried treasure... then he goes toe-to-toe with his sister Steph in a new game called "The Coffee Date Game", as in, who would you rather have coffee with?  Hugh Jackman?  Natalie Portman?  Taye Diggs?  Or... Rosie O'Donnell?!

How can you watch Titanic twice in a row on HBO?  Find out here!
And in our Big Three, its a spirited talk of Our Favorite Chick Flicks of All Time, including d$'s reveal of his favorite movie of all time, plus many movies never before discussed here, like "that thing you do!" and "Julie &  Julia" and "10 Things I Hate About You" and even more!  Jerry Maguire!  ...Say Anything!  and Beautiful Girls!

This week's Audible selection of the week:  The Stand by Stephen King, on 47 hours of glorious audio. Get it FREE when you sign up for a free trial at ... its like making a donation to our show!  

And next week, d$'s Music Minute pays tribute to Whitney Houston... Mikey busts out a crazy, random Buried Treasure... we give you our Oscar picks (with a bet on the line)... and Drew comes back as not a producer but a co-host with the first edition of Drew's Smorg!  That's all on The Deucecast Episode XLIII: Podcast with the Wind!

Dave's Saddest Songs Ever:

Mike's Buried Treasure:

The Big 3: The One Where We Discuss Our Favorite Chick Flicks Ever:
Dave's Choice - Titanic
Mike's Choice - Beautiful Girls
Steph's Choice - You've Got Mail [Blu-ray]

Roundtable Randomness:


Demi Lovato Watch:

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