Friday, September 2, 2011

Episode XXII: Davy Dollar & The Prisoner of Podcastkaban

Finally... we got to Episode Twenty the Second. What's so special about XXII? Nothing. And everything. Because we are The Deucecast and we freakin' rule.
d$ was Curious. Mikey was Uninhibited. Matty is Vivacious. Tommy
is Unavailable. Which one are you?
We open up a can of refreshing Me Sparkling Beverages, and then kick off the show with our weeks, including Matty's power issues, not just with the breaker, but with Conan... Mikey's weekend at the Sidewalk Film Festival, and his love of Chazz Bono... and d$'s dinner at Po' Folks, and a viewing of not one, but both parts of "Paradise Lost". Oh, and lots of talk about "Ace Ventura, Jr". We also venture on the horror that is "Battlefield Earth"... the joy of Christian Slater... our support of Demi Lovato... Josh Brolin... Spike Lee... a surprising Grey's Anatomy Watch... Matt Fox's respect of women... George Lucas' tinkering with his masterpieces...
...and an interesting discussion on Civil Rights when we openly discuss "The Help".
The Music Minute busts out some Great Book of John... the Smorgasbord gives us Matty's five most anticipated games released this fall... and d$ digs up a Jet Li/Aaliyah classic, which spurs a good discussion on the talents of Anthony Anderson... Some you win. Dim sum... you lose.
We have a rousing game of Faux or Shaux, with the reemergance of Deuce Fave Greg Evigan... plus, The Big Three topic is our favorite artists of all time... Pre-Skanky Mariah! Bono! Sting! Zak Wylde! Rock! Country! And the melodies of Kevin Max, Tait and Toh-Bee Mack!

Plus... Seagal Watch.

Tune in next week to UStream on Wednesday at 830p, for the recording of The Deucecast Episode XXIII: Shawny Sharp & the Podcast of Fire

The Music Minute:

Buried Treasure:
The Deucecast Team's Favorite Music Artists:

Mike's Choice - Radiohead
Dave's Choice - Garth Brooks
Matt's Choice - Pearl Jam

Demi Lovato of the Week:
Seagal of the Week:

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