Thursday, September 8, 2011

Episode XXIII: Shawny Sharp & the Podcast of Fire

Welcome back to The Deucecast... Episode XXIII: Shawny Sharp & the Podcast of Fire! It was a crazy week for Matty, Mikey and d$ as we kick off the show talking about that very thing... well, after our Minnie Driver discussion. Anyway, Mikey deals with child care, goes face first into The Beard Off 2011, and tells of his involvement in about 284 football related leagues. Matty goes off on everything from steak dinners to "Salt" to Kirk vs Picard to new games. And d$ opens up a little on the death of his mom and the family dynamic he's grown up with.

The Music Minute pays a special tribute to the favorite music of d$'s mom... Matt expresses his annoyance with bad video game habits... and Mikey pulls out a Buckingham Nicks classic on The Buried Treasure.

The Big Three reviews the hosts favorite movies of the summer, movies like "Super 8" and "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "The Help"... and why "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2" has lost some luster for one of our hosts. More movie talk leads to a Netflix vs. Starz conversation... Mikey's ability to love Ryan Gosling and his foreign film festival... and why do you go see movies? For the stars or for the premise?

And we also hit on more Star Wars news, both books and deleted scenes, and the dangers of diving into the Expanded Universe... awesome stars in The Expendables 2... d$ watches "Pirahna" just for the halibut... Eddie Murphy taking on The Oscars... Celine Dion's house troubles...

And of course... Seagal Watch.

The Deucecast Team's Favorite Movies of Summer 2011:

Mike & Matt's Choice - Super 8 [Blu-ray]
Dave's Choice - Crazy, Stupid, Love [Blu-ray]

The Music Minute:

The Statlers Greatest Hits


Mario Super Sluggers (Nintendo Selects)

Buried Treasure:

Buckingham Nicks


Piranha [Blu-ray]
Piranha [Blu-ray 3D]
Star Wars: Heir to the Empire: The 20th Anniversary Edition

Celine Dion of the Week:

Celine Dion

Seagal of the Week:

Against the Dark

Join us next week when we give our nod to September 11th as we discuss The Best Movies Where An American Kicks a Dern Forrener's Butt. U-S-A! U-S-A! That and more on The Deucecast Episode XXIV: Tommy McLeod and the Podcast of the Phoenix

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