Wednesday, July 10, 2024

DCMS Episode 637: My Favorite Summer... The Comedies

My favorite summer continues and this week, it's time to get funny with the ha-ha... because comedies are one of the most important genre of all. Because we love to laugh at the stupid, at the smart, at the dark, at the iconic, and at the silly. 

Returning to the show after being our co-announcer and narrator at this year's Deucie Awards, The Amish Girl herself Jenn Novotny brings all the smile and humor... as well as a rant on an innocent actress and her Oscar winning performance.

First up, a little Denzel game, and catching up with Jenn and her world travels. 

Then, Mikey, d$, and #XLessDrEarl, along with Jenn, give their own top ten fave comedies of all time, from movies they grew up with to recent flicks to the legendary to the downright dumb.  

Mo Money?  You're welcome. 

I.E., E.G., F.U.

Here are the movies we discussed and where to find them streaming at the time of recording:

  • Animal House (Animal House)
  • Being There (The Criterion Channel)
  • Best in Show (for rental)
  • The Big Lebowski (for rental)
  • Blades of Glory (Hulu; Paramount+)
  • Caddyshack (Paramount+)
  • Cannonball Run (unavailable)
  • Clerks (Netflix)
  • Couples Retreat (Hulu)
  • Dazed and Confused (The Criterion Channel)
  • Duck Soup (Amazon Prime)
  • A Family Affair (Netflix)
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Amazon Prime)
  • A Fish Called Wanda (MGM+)
  • 40-Year-Old Virgin (Amazon Prime)
  • Get Shorty (MAX)
  • Groundhog Day (AMC+)
  • Grown-Ups (for rental)
  • Gross Pointe Blank (for rental)
  • Happy Gilmore (STARZ)
  • Les Miserables (for rental)
  • Liberal Arts (AMC+)
  • Major League (MAX)
  • Mo' Money (TubiTV)
  • Monty Python & the Holy Grail (Netflix)
  • Napoleon Dynamite (Hulu)
  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (for rental)
  • National Lampoon's Vacation (for rental)
  • O Brother Where Are Thou? (Hulu)
  • Office Space (Hulu; Paramount+)
  • Roxanne (for rental)
  • Rushmore (Hulu; Paramount+)
  • Ruthless People (for rental)
  • A Shot in the Dark (MAX; TubiTV)
  • State and Main (The Criterion Channel)
  • Tommy Boy (PlutoTV; for rental)
  • Trading Places (Paramount+)
  • The Wedding Crashers (for rental)

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