Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Episode 632: My Favorite Summer... The Classics

 It's finally time for the summer and with it, the summer series at The Deucecast Movie Show! For the fourth... or fifth, who's counting... your fave movie podcast that you, but probably not any of your friends and definitely not most girls you know, are listening to is giving you a theme for the summer, a series of episodes intertwined with a common theme... this time, it's "My Favorite Summer". 
And for the summer, Dave, Mikey, and #XLessDrEarl will be giving you the top tens of their favorites across movie genres, like comedies, dramas, animation, and more, and tonight, the Classics.  And of course, to rank the classics is our fellow cinephile and film snob, the pride of Toccoa Falls, Garrison Ryfun!

First, a little round of Movie Trivia from The Book, and then, diving right in... all of our all time fave films from all the years, from the early days of film up until the cut-off of 1969. 

Legendary directors like Wilder, Hitchcock, Fleming, and Lumet... incredible performances from the likes of Cary, Stewart, Bogie, Audrey... and sweeping plantation epics to tiny jury rooms to creepy hotels to pool halls.  


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