Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Episode 628: Our Favorite Star Wars Fight Scenes

 At the Deucecast Movie Show, we celebrate the most special days of the year, like Christmas, and Mother's Day, and Thanksgiving, and of course, both May the 4th Be With You, and it's follow, Revenge of the Fifth, and it's spiritual sequel Revenge of the Sixth.

To help Mikey, Dave, and #XLessDrEarl celebrate, we invite in first time Friend of the Show, videographer and vlogger and Disney sorta influencer and hardcore Star Wars fiend, THE Derek Frank!

First, a little background on Derek to open the show, followed by the return of America's favorite easy Q&A, Simple Star Wars Trivia (spoiler alert - Mikey always dominates), then a review on the epic re-watch everyone had this weekend over Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

And finally, the guys count down their favorite Star Wars fight scenes - not the epic space battles, but one on one or one on five or five on a hundred -- no Star Destroyers, rather blasters and space swords -- and to make the pot even sweeter, the lists cover all the screen media, including TV shows, not just the movies. 

And a quick chat on Tom Hanks Playtone movie studio! 

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