Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Episode 622: The Irishmen... and Women!

 Top of the morning to ya, as we like to say (confession, we never say this) as The Deucecast Movie Show celebrates both St Patrick's Day as well as Cillian Murphy's recent Oscar win -- which leads to Mikey, Dave, and #XlessDrEarl all giving the Top Five Irish Performances...

First up, a return to some of the familiar games, including Rotten Tomatoes, a little Potpourri edition this time, as well as random chatter leading up to the Top Five.

The Top Five this week is a discussion about not only best Irish actors and their performances, but those of Irish decent and ties - from a fave young ingenue who everyone loves (and is the only female to win TWO Deucie awards) to a classic star from a few generations ago, and a superstar that everyone knows to some that only have a few under their belt.

And then... the quick revelation of the upcoming Summer Series. We hope it's your favorite, actually.

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