Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Episode 619: See This, Not That - the '24 Oscar Edition

It's Oscar season, and we keep discussing the event leading up to Hollywood's big night (admittedly, The Deucies are Hollywood's REAL Big Night, but they haven't figured it out yet.)

And in an Oscar tradition that none of us are sure we've done before, Mikey and d$ invite in Friend of the Show, Lil G, Pride of Marietta Georgia, Radio Banker Apprentice, Garrison Ryfun to discuss the films of the major Oscar nominees, and which of those you should see... and which you should avoid at all costs.

First, though, Madame Web.  All three have seen it. All three have opinions, mostly starting with "Yikes."

Then, the just-announced casting of The MCU version of Fantastic Four -- are Vanessa Kirby, Pedro Pascal, and the other two the right call? Were there better names out there?

Finally... starting at the top with Bradley Cooper, we go through 13 actors and actresses with a larger body of work (as in, no Lily Gladstone!), discussing their films we recommend to watch, and which ones you should probably skip overall, plus a Wild Card choice from each. We talk Greta! Emma! Margot! Ruffalo! Gosling! RDJ! and more.  Plus, Mikey's hatred for "La La Land".

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