Wednesday, October 11, 2023

DCMS Episode 600: The Big Bracket

Finally, after all the hubbub and chatter and stops and starts, Mikey, d$ and #XLessDr Earl have made it to the culmination of topics of 28 previous episodes... The Big Bracket. 

From Episode 291 to Episode 599, 36 movie roles were chosen and now will face off one on one... a majority vote rules, as the crew goes through the match ups one at at time.

But what fun is a Movie Role Bracket if there aren't more Friends of the Show joining up?  And Friends of the Show join up... producing the show is Roth from Wyoming and stepping in is Lil G "Pride of Albany" Ryfun... then along the way comes (in order of appearance...) Lil Andy... Aussie Nate... Hurricane Rhett... "Amish" Jenn Novotny... Jenny Kaufman... Matty Mink... Uncle Brian... Coach DiBello... and of course, The Icon, Scotty "Ryfulicious" Ryfun... 

It's absolutely the longest episode we've ever done, as we agreed early on there would be no Big Bracket in 601 -- the group powers through the entire show. New theme songs, familiar favorites, jokes fly, Garrison drives, Mikey has a delay, Earl changes his mind, d$ keeps it all moving. 

Enjoy the show. 

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Your Bracket:
Play In games:

(32) Sally Albright vs (33) "Good" Will Hunting
(29) Belle vs (36) Anna Scott
(31) George Bailey vs (34) Castor Troy
(30) Prince Akeem vs (35) Joe Miller

(1) Darth Vader vs 32/33 winner
(16) The Joker vs (17) Peter Venkman
(9) Mary Poppins vs (24) Jerry Maguire
(8) Capt Jack Sparrow vs (25) Uncle Buck

(4) Superman vs 29/36 winner
(13) Freddy Krueger vs (20) Jack Torrence
(12) Kermit vs (21) Nick Fury
(5) Batman vs (28) Derek Zoolander

(2) Indiana Jones vs 31/34 winner
(15) Ironman vs (18) Dracula
(10) Rocky Balboa vs (23) Robin Hood
(7) Harry Potter vs (26) The Bandit

(3) James Bond vs 30/35 winner
(14) Woody vs (19) Captain America
(11) The Terminator vs (22) Gollum
(6) Vito Corleone vs (27) Beetlejuice

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