Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Episode 596: SNL Actors

The August moon is nigh, the summer is waning, the dog days are here... and what better way to beat the heat than to listen to a great podcast!  So make sure to subscribe to Roth From Wyoming's Good Day 4 a Movie Podcast!

After that, you can tune into this little ditty, as The Deucecast Movie Show's own Mikey and d$, sans #TwitterlessDrEarl this time, invite in first time guest (and first time podcaster!) Coach DiBello all the way down from Miami, Florida!

Tonight is all about some Saturday Night Live, and the actors who started and shined as Not Ready For Primetime Players.

First up, a chit-chat on who Coach is, and how he found the show itself... CTI must return!

Then, an SNL Draft... who would be in a dream cast! Make sure to listen and comment on Twitter, or X, or TheDeuceCord about who's lineup is the absolute best!

Finally, top five SNL performers... of course, Mikey told d$ it was who got their start... for Mikey and Coach, it's who shined the most.  So the lists are varied, but the names are huge - Murphy... Aykroyd... Murray... Radner... Sandler... Zweibel?  Him too.

Also... a lot of hot Hurricane Rhett talk, so Rhett fans, tune in.

The movies mentioned and where to find them right now:

  • Animal House (Peacock Premium)
  • Ghostbusters (for rental)
  • Meatballs (Amazon Prime; TubiTV)
  • Meatballs II (TubiTV)
  • Meatballs III (unavailable)
  • Meatballs IV (Amazon Prime; TubiTV)
  • Mystery Alaska (for rental)
  • Nebraska (for rental)
  • Spies Like Us (for rental)
  • Trading Places (for rental)
  • Trapped in Paradise (for rental)
  • Uncut Gems (Showtime; Paramount+)

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