Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Episode 569: Who Won 2022?

The new year has begun, winter is crashing around us, and it's time to reflect on what made our moviedom in the last year... and for the second time, we ask, Who Won the Year?  And maybe for the first time, because we can't remember, we ask Who Also Lost the Year?

First up, a few quick reviews -- "Living", as seen by Dr Earl, "Aftersun" as seen by Mikey and Dr. Earl, and "Women Talking", as seen by Mikey and Dave... and those Oscar nominated films lead into the discussion of the recent Oscar nominations, with Mikey going all in on Top Gun Maverick... Dave making a case for Everything Everywhere All At Once... and Dr Earl chiming in with pretention.

Then, a top five of the winners and the losers... how can Margot Robbie be both?  And Tom Hanks down year, with Tom Cruise's amazing year... who won the animation game... big time directors taking a hit, but big time blockbusters becoming a hit... too much Korg, just enough Jimmy Cam, and not enough Hong Chau.

Of course, the usual rabbit trails of random conversation. 

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