Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Episode 513: Lumps of Coal 2021

In an annual tradition, out of the dozens of movies the Deucecast loved... and out of the hundreds of movies The Deucecast guys liked... there are those that just didn't land, or maybe even crashed and burned in a spectacularly bad way.

Mikey, d$, and The Surgical Dr Earl welcome in the Spawn of Ryfun, Lil G Dawg, to discuss the bad, the terrible, the horrible, and the worst movies seen all year long. 

First up, a few "gifts" from the previous episode, as Dr Earl and Lil G discuss whatever the crap Malick is doing, while d$ gives Dr Earl his epic present for the year.  And Dr Earl hands out some gifts of his very own! 

Then, a look at the worst of the worst, with bad Tom Holland... worst Anne Hathaway... crap Marvel films... sucktastic remakes... horrifically bad horror flicks... awful Lebron... a Costas Mandylor film... disappointing Jessie Spano... boring Hugh Jackman... the well made, good movies that d$ just didn't like, or get, the Nic Cage movie that broke Lil G... 

And the Bruce Willis film that broke Mikey.
  • The Ascent (Criterion Channel)
  • The Banana Splits Movie (for rental, but don't)
  • Chaos Walking (Hulu)
  • Cherry (AppleTV+)
  • The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Garrison Watch It (HBO Max)
  • Cosmic Sin (Netflix) 
  • Dear Evan Hanson (for rental, but maybe you shouldnt) 
  • Diabolique (1996) (Amazon Prime)
  • Ernest Saves Christmas (Disney+)
  • Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (for rental)
  • Eternals (for rental in January on Disney+)
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance  (for rental)
  • Hitman Bodyguard's Wife (for rental)
  • HBO Max (HBO Max)
  • Joseph & Mary (TubiTV; for rental)
  • Lawrence of Arabia (for rental)
  • Locked Down (HBO Max)
  • The Movie Going Audience (most mirrors)
  • New Mutants (HBO Max)
  • Reminiscence  (for rental, but don't)
  • Space Jam: A New Legacy (HBO Max)
  • Swimf@n (for rental)
  • Thunder Force (Netflix)
  • Tom & Jerry (HBO Max)
  • Those Who Wish Me Dead (HBO Max)
  • A Week Away (Netflix)
  • Willy's Wonderland (Hulu)
  • You Don't Nomi (for rental)

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