Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Episode 410: Christmas Gifts 2019

It's an annual tradition around the Deucecast Movie Show, as Mikey and Dave are the giving sort. In fact, they love to give gifts of merth, of joy, and awesome, hence, the Annual Christmas Gifts episode where they give those very things.

The giving spirit is so strong, however, that they cannot share it alone -- so as per usual with the Gifts ep, Friend of the Show Remodeling Clay Shaver calls in to complete the generous circle.

First up, a little Box Office Mojo game to set the scene, where Mikey and Clay compete to guess the box office totals of Christmas classic films.

Then, the presents are unwrapped, as Hollywood elites like Gerard Butler, Vanessa Hudgens, Adam Driver, and more are all given thoughtful gifts from the crew.

And of course, the guys give gifts to each other... except for Mikey, who spends the whole show giving himself stuff.

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