Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Episode 365: Valentine's Opportunities

Another February is here, meaning another day of Valentine's love is in the wings!  And if Mikey, Dave, and #TwitterlessDrEarl aren't enough, Friend of the Show Jennifer "Juniper" Kaufman joins the show to add a softer voice and a girls touch to the topic itself.

First up, Birthday Movies to talk about what was released in February five, ten, fifteen, twenty years ago -- movies like The Lego Movie, Office Space, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, and even a fave of Friend of the Show Burgess, The Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience!

A quick round of the IMDb game -- can you name the actor and/or actress by the roles and movies?  Great match!

Friend of the Show, Miss Independent himself Burgess calls in from his 24th film festival in 2019 over in Mississippi, to give his results of this year's Burgentine's Day -- he reviews the movies assigned to him by the crew.

The topic in the episode is not just Valentine's movies, but those movies that are bad -- not just guilty pleasures, but Rom Com Chick Flicks that the crew feels like they may be the only ones to actually like. Movies with John Cusack... Brenden Fraser in a bomb shelter... Dave's novelization attempts... Beth Cooper makes an appearance... that Bonnie Raitt song movie... Kaufman's love of Jennifer Anniston.. Dr Earl's love of 90's Jennifer Connelly... Mikey's love of Michael J Fox...  Dave's love of large ensemble flicks... and so much more love in the episode!

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