Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Episode 361: The Not 2018 Top Ten

January rolls on, and January is full of episodes reflecting upon 2018. Last week, Mikey, Dave, #TwitterlessDrEarl and Friend of the Show Jeremy Burgess recanted their least fave films of 2018, and this week, its the Not 2018 Top Ten. And to do so, it takes a mega-episode to recap.

Burgess gets a new theme song... film festival schedules... the movie goals and not-goals of the movie crew... Are You There God, It's Me Margaret...

Plus the top ten lists of favorite movies seen in 2018 that didn't actually come out in 2018... from 1937 all the way up to 2017.  Movies such as a doc about the LA Riots... a 70s noir classic with Martin Sheen as a bad guy... documentaries about bombshells and Munchhausen by proxy... war rabbits... ghosts... thieves... clowns... predators... bad wedding weekends and, of course, The Monster Squad.

And the films for the 2nd Annual Burgentine's Day are revealed at last.

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