Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Episode 295: Sidewalk Review // Fall Movie Preview

Welcome back to the best movie podcast you're listening to at this very moment, with Mikey, Dave, and Pinky attempting to tickle your movie senses.

Joining the guys in-studio is both Wit Stillman Fan, Terrence Malick Apologist, Lover of All Things Brie (Alison, Larsen, Cheese), Film Historian Extraordinaire & World Renowned Urologist Dr Earl, and then Miss Independent, Friend of the Show Jeremy Burgess.

After a quick introduction, plus a rundown of movies that have eminated from Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Fest, and a shout out to Mr Worldwide Pit Bull, the guys get into a rousing round of The Ryan Phillippe Game -- Morgan Freeman! Steven Spielberg! Kevin Spacey!  And much more, including a Triggered Dr. Earl.

A Sidewalk Film Fest brings a quick review of several movies that ran in the annual film festival in Birmingham, including the Whitney Houston documentary "Can I Be Me?", the Baltimore step-team doc "Step", some Yiddish language movie that only Burgess could love, and a flick that hit theaters over the summer, "A Ghost Story".

Then, the Fall Movie Preview, taking you from September to November and all the major films set to debut in theaters.

Among topics and movies discussed... The genius of Ed Harris... Stephen King movies... 70s tennis... Tom Cruise's strange role... "mother!"'s strange trailer... a lesson on Denis Villenueve's name... another Noah Baumbach film about family... "The Justice League Cloverfield"... Greta Gerwig... Burgess' top Indy films coming soon... Frances McDormands Oscar chances...

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