Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Episode 270: The Deucecast Senior Year

It's that of the year where Senioritis hits everyone who is peering down the barrel of forever... their graduation and the release into the real world.  Of college, anyway.  The old Mikey, the older Dave, and the zygote Pinky welcome in Witt Stillman Fan, Terrence Malick Apologist and Brie Lover (both the cheese & the Larsen), the indomitable Dr. Earl... and calling in on the Binder & Binder Hotline, its Friend of the Show, direct from Bainbridge Brunswick, Georgia, it's Scott Ryfun!

First, a quick chat about Hurricane Matthew stories along with The Huddle & Waffle House saga...

Birthday movies brings the release date celebrations of classics like The Devil's Own... BAPs... All About the Benjamin... Raising Arizona... and of course, The Cutting Edge (TOEPICK!)

And then movies that were released in the Senior Years of high school amongst the Deucecast Movie Show hosts and guests.  For Dave, its films that came out in 1992-93... For Mikey, its 1995-96... For Pinky, its 2011-2012 (so young).  For Ryfun, it was 1987-88 and for Dr Earl was for 1986-87

Movies like Big!  The Untouchables!  Moneyball!  Se7en!  They bring up stories like Dr Earl's first double date... the Clark Cinemas in Enterprise, Alabama, where you have to "pick a side"... Pinky's criminal streak... early Disney love for Dave... bad Sean Connery impressions... janking on pretty boy Brad Pitt... the difference in The Four Tops & The Temptations and where does Levi Stubbs belong?... Dr Earl gets really pretentious... The the (non) success of the cast of Heat... and, of course, the story of The Sperminator

Plus, a full defense of the Chevy Chase film "Funny Farm".

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