Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Episode 263: Valentine's Pink (ft J-Kauf!)

Love is in the air, but there are some techie issues in this episode, so just be forewarned.

Mikey, d$ and Pinky celebrate the time of love with a Valentine's Day themed episode!  And what better way to celebrate love for you, the audience, then to invite in Wit Stillman fan, Terance Malick Apologist and Film Historian, world renowned cardiologist Dr Earl!

And then, for a voice from the fairer side, a call is given to Friend of the Show Jennifer "The Delightful Life" Kaufman!

First up, a round robin version of Rotten Tomatoes, the Potpourri edition.  Everyone comes up with a movie and the critics score is predicted.  Kate & Leopold!  Crossroads! Even a bare bottomed Ned Beatty classic!

Then, the Top Five Romantic Chemistry Duos in Film.... actors & actresses in films that provided the best, sweetest, cutest pairings in cinema.  Duos like Meg & Billy... or Meg & Tom... maybe Swayze and Jenn... Mike and Kathy, romancing the stone... Joaquin and ScarJo in some techno-love...

Finally, the results of Valetine's Pink.  Which love stories assigned to Pinky had his heart all a flutter?  Maybe Robert Downey Jr in Two Girls & a Guy?  Or d$'s pick of My Life in Ruins?  Or maybe the Kaufman romcom of Bridget Jones Diary?  Or how about some dreck that Friend of the Show Jeremy Burgess picked?  Maybe Broadcast News, or even Kissing a Fool?

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