Friday, February 28, 2014

The Episode With the Awards

Its been a month since you've had the honor of hearing our voices in your earbuds, but thankfully for your sanity, we are here again!

And once again, we question why we let Dr Earl
even come on this show...
So much to do this month, as we not only discuss ALL the Oscar nominations and make our picks for the winners (the Academy Awards are March 2nd), we also reveal ALL the winners for the First Annual Deucie Awards...

Will Her win out for Best Screenplay?  Will Cate Blanchett also win the Deucie for Best Actress?  And could Jaden Smith really win an award for the worst acting performance of 2013?  You betcha.

We nod our head to Philip Seymour Hoffman and Sid Caesar, who we lost in the last few weeks, and then discuss the movies we've seen since the last time we met, including Philomena... Robocop, the old and new... James Gandolfini's triumphant Enough Said... and Pinky's disdain for minions in Despicable Me 2

On the annex couch, Dr Earl also joins us for the discussion, with his latest and greatest tripe he's over the moon about... Russian Ark, anyone?

Plus... a nod to... Car Talk?! 

Some of the movies discussed in this episode:

Adult World
August: Osage County
Enough Said
The Iceman
In a World
Last Vegas
The LEGO Movie
Monuments Men
Robocop (1987 & 2014)
Short Term 12

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