Sunday, February 3, 2013

Episode LXXXVIII: Les Pod Misérables

Its another host-filled episode with Mikey and d$, as they dive right into such various topics as...

  • How much is a chick's hotness diminished by buying cigerettes at a gas station?
  • Watching bluegrass bands, courtest of Dr. Earl
  • A comic book collector's tale, both of the experienced (d$) and the novice (Mikey), and our favorite comic shop, Kingdom Comics
  • The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
  • A tasting of Big Red Soda


much, much movie talk...

Other things discussed on this conversation full show... Paul Giamatti in The Amazing Spider Man 2?... Source Code... The Devil Makes Three... X-Men: Days of Future Past... Jamie Foxx... and The Gary Busey Zone.

Mikey's music minute actually entertains (for once in his wretched, poor life)with some Duquette Johnston... d$ kicks off another series as he counts down the 25 Best Chick Flick Date Films Ever, or at least, according to his list of his favorite 500 films... movies like Strictly BallroomMy Life in RuinsLucas!  and, this little beauty...

Our Big Three takes us to our favorite Best Actor and Best Actress winners, including Natalie Portman... Denzel... Julie Andrews and even more...

Mikey also gushes about his love for Katie Heigl and "One for the Money ".  He loved it.

And of course...

Next week... Mikey and d$ take a break from the norm, with an all Disney Filled Episode... get some questions answer, listen to some great music and just enjoy the magic of The Deucecast Episode LXXXIX: Its a Small Pod After All

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