Saturday, January 12, 2013

Episode LXXXIV: Podfall

The Doctor Is In the Hizzy...

Doc Earl joins us in the studio for the first time in a long, long time... and we welcome him back with open arms and blaring microphones!

We open it up with our low key weeks, plus a discussion on the valet (VIP) service at The Magic Kingdom... the upcoming RFID FastPass+ service and all of its complexities... Dr. Earl's trips over the holidays... a possible resurrection of the Star Wars TV Series...

The Music Minute returns with a Timberlake appearance and a Corey Haim tribute band!

Mikey and Dr. Earl go head to head in the IMDb Game, with takes on Bill Murray... John Candy... and of course, a Ruthless People winner!

In the Big Three, we discuss favorite cinematography winners, including The Godfather Trilogy... Inception... Braveheart... and the dude who won an Oscar but has "Monster-in-Law", "21" and "True Lies" on his resume...

Other films discussed include "Jolene"... "Intolerable Cruelty "... and "Skyfall"

Of course, Oscar nominations were released today, and we dive in with favorites, snubs and thoughts. 

And Demi Lovato!!!

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