Sunday, December 30, 2012

Episode LXXXII: 2012 in Review

Hope you had yourself a jingle belly, holly jolly, white winter wonderlandy merry little Christmas!  Mikey and d$ are back again to finish up 2012 with our special year in review... its The Deucecast Episode LXXXII: 2012 In Review...

In this episode, we dish out the best in music for the year, first with Mikey's terrible tastes and crappy bands, and then with d$'s great choices, both critically acclaimed and loved by audiences worldwide (much like The Deucecast itself). 

The guys kick off the show with topics like Doc McStuffins... kid Christmases... James Bond 50 Blu Ray set... Star Wars... Mikey's sickness... d$'s head-to-head battle with the flu... JJ Abrams and Star Wars... The Walking Dead losing producers... Disney's Limited Time Magic... and Real Men of Genius.'

A discussion of 2012 includes Whitney Houston's death... Gotye... The Olympics... Brit Rock... The Walking Dead... and Disney purchasing Lucasfilm

A longer movie discussion gets on the favorite movies of the year, including The Master... The Avengers... Skyfall... Brave... The Hunger Games... and Emily Blunt's multiple appearances on the list!  Plus, d$ gives his Top Ten Favorite Movies He Hasn't Seen Yet, and a list of all 82 movies he's seen this year.

Demi Lovato gets her due, and the return of a much missed, much loved "Watch"! 

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