Thursday, June 21, 2012

Episode LX: The Podcast Ultimatum

Welcome to The Deucecast Episode SIXTY:  The Podcast Ultimatum!  As we celebrate 12 years since the first DeuceFest, we welcome back to the cast, Big Drew!

Kicking off the show, we dig on Mangrates... MTV Spring Break... Father Day's celebrations... Father's Day Card searches... when does Father's Day count?... The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ... Rio ... Sesame Street, the Movie? ... Cracker songs ...

Mikey's crappy music is less crappy than normal with some Danger Mouse infused Norah Jones ... d$ busts out with a Queen Latifah starring unCommon movie... and Drew brings in a Smorg that leads to a great discusson on the legality of file sharing and downloading music.  Do we do it?  Should we do it?  We answer those questions like only the hard hitting journalistic integrity of The Deucecast News Team can do.

The Big Three sings a great song, with our favorite musical moments from non-musicals, including music from High Fidelity .. Back to the Future ...& Kill Bill: Volume 1 ...and Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Twice!

One of my favorites... The Tiny Dancer scene in Almost Famous ...

And the music continues with a great round of Name That Crap! 

Next week, we try and get in Hurricane Rhett for our show, with a new music minute from Mikey... the final Treasure in our Americana Buried Treasure Series... and the Big Three goes slightly retro with The Big Three Favorite 90s Grunge Songs... that's on The Deucecast Episode LXI: The Girl with the Podcast Tattoo...

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