Thursday, January 26, 2012

Episode XXXIX: Pod Free Or Cast Hard

As we approach 40... that's shows, not ages, we celebrate our successes and thank you, the listener(s) for your loyalty.  But, before we get to show 40... we have to do show 39... that's Episode XXIX:  Pod Free or Cast Hard!

We welcome in Drew, our former SuperFan and now one of our rotating co-hosts, as he brings in his love of Guns N'Roses and... well, his love of Guns N'Roses.

The week discussed includes Mikey's Coke habit... d$ helping with tornado relief... Drew's love of Team Trivia at local hangouts... thoughts on "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"... thoughts on "Chinese Democracy"... Liam Neeson and "The Grey"... thoughts on "Red Tails" fails... a great Demi Lovato watch... and a bonus watch, as we keep up with Seal!  Of course, so much more.

Kind of like a show prep bible.  Not THE
Bible, mind you, but it is a good resource.
Mikey pulls out a new Music Minute with some band that sounds like Shake Weight or something, while d$'s Saddest Songs Ever countdown continues with Celine!  Expose's last nit!  With The Miami Sound Machine!  with Mariah, when she was so great!  And some info on a legendary Phil Collins tune--plus, our first Mikhail Baryshnikov's mention on The Deucecast.

New game!  We play the first ever "Reel or Unreel" using Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide! And our Big Three takes on movies that we have never seen, but probably should have seen by now, including some classic flicks, some newer ones (Vegas, baby!) and Drew's stunning revelation that he has never seen... well, you just have to hear it.  Its something that left Mikey and d$ speechless for at least three seconds each.

The Roundtable gives up a spirited discussion on Oscar Nominations... the worthiness of "Bridesmaids" and more specificallly, Melissa McCarthy... George Lucas on Oprah... fans of Sho-biz Pizza... "Troll 2" and its followings... and more docs watched.

Next week!  More Mike's Music Crap... the Buried Treasure returns.. the Saddest Songs Ever continues, getting closer to the Top Ten with Whitney!  Classic Bill Withers!  Even some Blessid Union of Souls!  And on our Big Three, we discuss sequels... more importantly, "The Biggest Drop Offs from One Sequel to the Next"  That's all on The Deucecast Episode XL:  The Podshank Redemption...  

Mike's Music Minute:
Alabama Shakes

Dave's Saddest Songs Ever Part Two:
Celine Dion (contains the #16 saddest song of all time--"Nothing Broken But My Heart")

The Big 3: The One Where We Discuss Movies We Haven't Seen Before That We Probably Should've Seen By Now:
Dave's Choice - The Natural [Blu-ray]
Drew's Choice - Forrest Gump (Sapphire Series) [Blu-ray]
Mike's Choice - Schindler's List DVD (Universal's 100th Anniversary)

Dave & Mike's Doc Block:
Winnebago Man
Best Worst Movie

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