Friday, October 21, 2011

Episode XXIX: The Podcast: Live Hard, Sell Hard

Pumpkin patches!  Clare Danes!  Petting Zoos and (B)Ryan Adams!  All in this week's episode of The Deucecast...

Mikey kicks it off with his kid's first pumpkin patch visit, while Matt relates his own kid at a petting zoo.  "Red State" is a movie that Mikey recommends, but not for his--or anyone's--kids, while Matt recommends Jet's Pizza in The Noog.  And d$?  He'd just like his wife to talk more about her feelings (!).

Mikey gives us a great music minute with a Canadian singer (which sounds great when doing that Robin Hood song), while Matt's Smorg concentrates on The Batman.

Man, I used to freakin' love this show
Our Big Three brings back those shows that were cancelled too soon, TV series that lasted less than a single season... Heather Locklear... Keen Eddie... John Doe... Donal Logue... Manimal... Kevin Peter Hall... they, and so much more... all get their due in this segment, plus a rant on why "My So Called Life" actually isn't a great series, and why it, in all actuality, sucked bigtime.

The roundtable brings us everything from Shia fighting to LiLo's probation, from Gugino in S.O.A. to the Dark Knight in IMAX, from Ahnold's Last Stand to d$'s thoughts on "Moneyball"... and lest we forget, "Grey's Anatomy" Watch!

Oh, and Steven Seagal.

Next week... Mikey's very special music minute... Matt's very filling smorgasbord... d$'s very deeply buried treasure... another segment of "Dying with Dr. Earl"... Our Big Three favorite scary movies... and so, so much more... on The Deucecast xXx:  State of the Podcast

The Music Minute brought to you by Mike:
Ashes & Fire - Ryan Adams
Amanda Leigh - Mandy Moore

Smörgåsbord brought to you by Matt:
Batman: Arkham City (PS3, XBOX 360)

The Big 3: The One Where The Deucecast Team Picks Their Favorite TV Shows That Where Cancelled Way Too Soon:
Mike's Choice - The Inside
Dave's Choice - Drive
Matt's Choice - Terriers
Shawn's Choice - Hello Kitty Becomes a Princess  Something really manly with guns and explosions.

Nic Cage & Carla Gugino Watch:
Snake Eyes

Seagal & Lindsey Lohan Watch:
Machete [Blu-ray]

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