Friday, July 29, 2011

Episode XVII: The Fellowship of the Podcast

ANOTHER EPISODE of The World Famous Deucecast!  The boys welcome in Dr. Earl (used only for medicinal purposes) for another night of pop culturey awesomeness.

Mikey laments his feelings about "Cars 2", Matty discusses the benefits of a Mobi Wrap vs The Chemical Brothers Swaddling Blankets, and d$ yearns for Star Wars Bedding.

The guys also wax poetic on such topics as... Amy Winehouse's death... love for Captain America... Harrison Ford's grumpiness... Mike's Music Minute rolls through the cool Gavin Rossdale of Bush and the wussbucket Gavin Rossdale as a solo career... Matt's Potluck Smorgasbord gives a plateful of trends that have overstayed their welcome like planking, owling, flash mobs, running marathons, reality shows that make celebrities (and not the other way around), rapper Xhibit's racist accusations and how everything kills your baby...

Dr. Earl rolls out the History of the Nubbin... and The Review Stew returns and makes for a really entertaining game.  And The Big Three tackles the topic of "Best Movies of the Last Five Years", which guarantees appearances from J.J. Abrams... Chris Nolan... Tarantino... Milkshakes... September 11th and more...
Join us next week for a rousing round of The Movie Game and The Big Three Most Awesome "That Guys" in Movie History... that's on The Deucecast Episode XVIII: The Podcast Towers!!

Mike's Music Minute:
The Deucecast Team's Top Movies from 2006-10:
The Deucecast Team Dares You To Buy This:
Seagal of the Week:

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