Friday, June 10, 2011

Episode X: On Stranger Podcasts

It's our TENTH Episode!

This week, Mike, Matt and d$ cover all things and every thing... including... Mike's car shopping woes... Matt's baby rashes... d$ and his propensity to sit through bad films, like the masterpiece (of crap), Swimf@n... the release of The Very Best of WCW Nitro... watching X-Men: First Class... new music from My Morning Jacket... Roland Emmerich's tendancy to destroy the world in his movies... d$'s thoughs on Pirates and why it was actually pretty good... the love (or lack of) for Penelope Cruz... more TV news featuring the fates of The Event and the upcoming The Firm... more The Rock stuff...

Plus, the guys answer the question "Who are our three actors we'll watching ANYTHING they are in?"

Matt covers the E3 convention with news on X-Box, Sony and we all share a love for old Nintendo.

And of course, Seagal Watch...

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