Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Episode 565: 2022 Surprise and Delights

 Each year, there are the movies that perhaps are not on Mikey's, Dave's, or #TwitterlessDrEarl's top fives or top tens, but they are still movies that surprised everyone... and delighted everyone... unexpected pleasant moviegoing experiences if you will.  

And every year, Friend of the Show, Miss Independent Jeremy Burgess joins up for the episode, giving his own surprises and delights.

First up, Burgess is assigned his annual Burgentine's Day -- sure, it's early, but Home Goods had V-Day stuff up before Christmas, so we feel okay about this. 

Then, the guys jump right into their Top 5 films that they went into unsure about, perhaps with little to no expectations... and came out of surprised at how delighted they found the movies... and delighted at the surprise of how delightful it was. Or something. 

And they even dig a little into Oscar odds... some newer horror gets lots of love on the show... a little hot Brendan Fraser talk... some Austin Butler chatter... Michael's Baygasm... and even get a little Shakespearean. Sort of.

And a "Don't Die" update!! 

  • AmbuLAnce - Amazon Prime
  • The Bad Guys - Netflix
  • Barbarian - HBO Max
  • The Batman - HBO Max
  • Beavis & Butthead Do America - Paramount+
  • Bodies Bodies Bodies - for rental
  • Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers - Disney+
  • Death on the Nile - HBO Max; Hulu
  • Elvis - HBO Max
  • Enola Holmes 2 - Netflix
  • Hu$tle - Netflix 
  • The Lost City - Amazon Prime; Paramount+; EPIX
  • Rosalind - Hulu
  • See How They Run - HBO Max
  • 13 Lives - Amazon Prime

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