Sunday, April 22, 2012

Episode LI: Podcast Magnolias

Enjoy this, the Fifty First episode of The (not yet) Award Winning Deucecast, (not yet) winner of 71 Webby Awards, plus (not yet) 8 BAFTAs! 

The guys welcome in Trey O'Neal, creator of (not yet) the award winning upstart site,  They jump into various topics, ranging from the jerk-ness of Ferris Bueller... blogging vs. building websites... Mikey's night out... Apple viruses... the meeting of Mikey and producer Tommy...

Mikey brings us some Moon Taxi for the Music Minute... we preview the upcoming LEGO Star Wars sequel... we discuss the Wilson Phillips reality show... and even more random crap that you know and love.

Friend of the Show Minnie Driver, in her Canadian
Grammy nominated turn in "Hard Rain"
Trey gets his first taste of Reel or UnReel... and our ReFliktions runs the gamut of new (Cabin in the Woods) to fairly recent (Hanna) to old (Tango & Cash) to older (Serpico) to Keanu (Henry's Crime).  And lest we forget, an indepth discussion of the amazing, fantastic, beautiful, historically accurate "Hard Rain" with Christian Slater and Mikey's Hollywood Girlfriend, Minnie Driver.

And our Big Three takes you on a bad movie journey with Top Great Casts in Bad Movies, with films like Oceans 12... Batman & Robin... K-Pax... and could Nothing But Trouble really be that bad?  Yes.

Next week, we try to drag Hurricane Rhett kicking and screaming to the currently being renovated The Deucecast Studios as we discuss Our Big Three Favorite TV Moms... Mikey brings more Schaeffer artists... d$ has a great Buried Treasure in store... and you'll find all of this in The Deucecast Episode LII: The Podcast of the Traveling Pants!

Mike's Music Minute:
Go check out the Schaeffer Crawfish Boil May 4-5 in Birmingham, AL

Moon Taxi - "Cabaret"

Dave's Buried Treasure:
Hard Rain [Blu-ray]

Go check out Special Guest Trey's Website Stuck It To The Man

Roundtable Randomness:

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