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Need for Speed:

I was really hoping to have fun with this movie. Like Fast and Furious type fun. Aaron Paul plays our hero Tobey Marshall who seems to be just a depressed guy who feels like the world is against him. As usual the video game to movie transfer just doesn't work here. The main story is your standard revenge scenario all in the world of back road illegal racing. Don't get me wrong the cars and stunts are great which is as expected since the director is a former stunt man himself. The script is just really boring. To me the co-stars sort of steal the show from Aaron Paul. Michael Keaton is really good as the ex-superstar racer Monarch who is the race organizer. The love interest is played by up and comer Imogene Poots. You may recognize her from the Zac Efron movie That Awkward Moment and we all need to watch her in the forthcoming A Long Way Down which is based on the Nick Hornby novel. I could tell she had some acting chops and actually looked like she was interested in doing the best she could with the role. The antagonist in the film is a professional racer who comes back to town to ask for a favor from Tobey. With a character name like Dino Brewster you know he's up to no good. Dominic Cooper does the best he can with the role. Again just not given much to work with. If you get a chance watch him in The Devil's Double.  He is amazing in that movie. You may also recognize him as Howard Stark who he played in Captain America: The First Avenger and again in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I'd have to say that sadly you can completely skip Need for Speed. Don't completely write Aaron Paul off though. He has the potential to be a movie star but maybe just not in an action type flick like this.


No Non-Stop is not just a clever name. This flick truly is non-stop. The formula is simple enough. Disgruntled, too old for this, alcoholic Air Marshal is put in a position we don't expect him to be able to handle. The plane becomes hijacked by a passenger whose motives we do not know but they ask for a bunch of money to be wired to an account. This request is made via text channel that we are told should only be able to be accessed by Air Marshals. Liam Neeson is excellent in the action hero role. This is unexplainable but somehow this guy just works as an action star. He is just as good if not better than he was in Taken. I totally believed that he was able to do all these amazing things. Julianne Moore plays an enigmatic woman who sits next to Neeson's character for the majority of the flight. You'll also recognize a lot of the other actors in the flick but I hesitate to give them "That Guy" status. There is an early episode of The Deucecast where we list our Favorite "That Guys." Find that episode in the archive and have a listen.
Neeson has worked with this Spanish Director before on Unknown and is working with him on another ridiculously titled flick that will probably be amazing called Run All Night. That being said this formula for Neeson has been working very well the last several years and it really seems he is having fun playing the action hero. It really comes through on the screen and it helps you as a viewer to suspend belief and enjoy the ride. Go see this one before it leaves the theaters. It won't play as well at home.

The Lego Movie:

There are a few select movies out there I unabashedly love like anything Star Wars, anything Kevin Costner, or The Last Unicorn. Yes there are tons more but today I want to talk about The Lego Movie. After only being a couple days off from watching it I want to go see it now again immediately. It so grabbed that nostalgic place in my brain and lit it up like fireworks. I saw the movie with co-host Dave and Super Tech Guy Tommy and throughout the whole movie we were all whispering, "Oh I had that set!" It was just such a wonderful experience seeing the movie. The CG was so perfect that you could see those small little Lego details that you remember from when you were a kid. Also there were some great cameos. Yes that sounds weird saying about an animated movie but you'll see what I mean when you go see it. That's right you must go see it. It doesn't matter if you were a Lego person growing up it's just that good of a movie.

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